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The Guardian Five amazing ocean sites to make the first protected High Seas areas
The Guardian Microplastics found in every sample of water taken during Ocean Race
The Guardian How a sailing race could reveal the ocean’s secrets


The Washington Post Fungie the fun-loving dolphin disappears (online)
The Washington Post Fungie the fun-loving dolphin disappears (PDF)
The Sunday Times Isolation tips from adventurers
The Sunday Times Wild Encounters – the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group
The Sunday Times Real Life Heroes: The RNLI Lifeboat crew
The Sunday Times Sheep Thrills – learning about shepherding in the West of Ireland
The Irish Times Magazine Gather Ye – Stories from The Gathering
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The Irish Times Guerrilla Gardening
The Irish Times Documentary makers throw out the rule book
The Irish Times Full Of Venom
The Irish Times Forum Barcelona
The Irish Times What happens when you give to charity?
The Irish Times Lending an ear to a child in need – Childline
The Irish Times Spice up your text life
The Irish Times Behind the scenes at the big top
You Magazine, Irish Daily Mail Some Mothers Do Share Em – Style Feature
You Magazine, Irish Daily Mail Mum’s The Boss – Mother and daughters who work together
You Magazine, Irish Daily Mail Overnight Sensations – Unusual B&Bs in Ireland
You Magazine, Irish Daily Mail From Mount Merrion to the Maasai Mara – feature
Irish Independent So where does all the waste go? Feature, published 29 October 2004
Irish Independent Lifeline to those all at sea Feature, published 7 April 2004


The Sunday Times In Another Life – Ronan Tynan
The Sunday Times In Another Life – Dickie Rock
The Sunday Times In Another Life – Patrick Bergin
The Sunday Times In Another Life – Brent Pope
The Sunday Times In  Another Life – Kevin Dundon
The Sunday Times In Another Life – Mary McEvoy
The Sunday Times In Another Life – Francis Brennan
You Magazine, Irish Daily Mail Emma Dowley, Round the World Sailor
Metro 60 Second Interview Irish Volvo Ocean Race yachtsman Damian Foxall


The Guardian Inside the race across the world’s most remote ocean
Outside (Online) Dee Caffari, Volvo Ocean Race Skipper, 2017/8
RedBull.com Volvo Ocean Race – 100 seconds of Southern Ocean sailing
RedBull.com Volvo Ocean Race – Why it’s the world’s most extreme sailing race (Leg 6)
RedBull.com Volvo Ocean Race – Cooking dinner on the ocean waves
RedBull.com Volvo Ocean Race – The beauty of offshore sailing (Leg 4)
RedBull.com Volvo Ocean Race – Epic Sailing in the Southern Ocean (Leg 3)
RedBull.com Volvo Ocean Race – Relentless conditions (Leg 2)
The Sunday Times Magazine How it feels to race around the world: Dee Caffari
The Irish Independent, Weekend Magazine Oceans of Adventure – the greatest ever sailing challenge (online)
The Irish Independent, Weekend Magazine Oceans of Adventure – the greatest ever sailing challenge (PDF)
The Sunday Times In Gear – Golden Globe Rescue
The Sunday Times In Gear – Solo sailors in the Golden Globe Race
The Sunday Times In Gear –  Life as an onboard reporter in the Volvo Ocean Race
The Sunday Times Enda O’Coineen’s solo sailing challenge – the Vendée Globe
The Sunday Times Crew Grit – Team Vestas Wind in The Volvo Ocean Race
The Sunday Times No boys, just buoys’ – training with Team SCA , the all-female team for The Volvo Ocean Race
The Sunday Times Faster Than The Wind (Online link)
The Sunday Times Faster Than The Wind (PDF)
The Sunday Times Volvo Ocean Race – Slattery looking for repeat success
The Sunday Times Irish duo break records
Outsider Magazine Wave Riders – The Volvo Ocean Race feature, Outsider Magazine
The Sunday Business Post Ocean’s Seven – Life in the Volvo Ocean Race, The Sunday Business Post, 9 November 2014
Metro Foxall sets new world record on Oman Sail


The Washington Post Covid-19 vaccines around the world (pdf)
The Washington Post Covid-19 vaccines around the world (online)
Metro Snoring feature (pdf)
Metro Omega 3s feature (pdf)
Metro Asthma feature (pdf)
Metro Hayfever feature (pdf)


Decision Magazine Lean In in the workplace
Decision Magazine Business Travel, Spring 2019
Decision Magazine Smart Traveller
Decision Magazine Smart Traveller, Spring 2018
Decision Magazine Business Travel


The Irish Times Take me to the islands…
The Irish Times HabEco
Property Features Writer of weekly Metro Property page, March to December 2008, samples:
Metro Overseas property – Budapest
Metro Multi-unit developments
Metro New apartments – Bellingham
Metro New apartments – Timber Mill
Metro New apartments – Asgard Hall
Metro Affordable Housing report


The Irish Garden, Late summer 2021 Gardens of Mayo
The Irish Garden, June 2021 Gardens of Kerry
The Irish Garden, April 2021 Gardens of Wexford
The Irish Garden, May 2021 Gardens of Donegal
The Irish Garden, January/February 2020 Favourite plant interview – Jenny Dixon
The Irish Garden, December 2019 Favourite plant interview – Turtle Bunbury
The Irish Garden, October/November 2019 Favourite plant interview – John Creedon
The Irish Garden, September 2019 Favourite plant interview – Joan Mulloy
The Irish Garden, August 2019 Favourite Plant interview – Kevin Barry
The Irish Garden, July 2019 Gardens of the Wild Atlantic Way
Favourite Plant interview – Manchán Magan
The Irish Garden, June 2019 Favourite Plant interview – Maia Dunphy
The Irish Garden, May 2019 Favourite Plant interview – Lisa Cannon
The Irish Garden, April 2019 Favourite Plant interview – Sonja Mohlich
The Irish Garden, March 2019 Favourite Plant interview – Dominic West and Catherine FitzGerald
The Irish Garden, January/February 2019 Favourite Plant interview – Dave Fanning
The Irish Garden, December 2018 Favourite Plant interview – Martina Stanley
The Irish Garden, October/November 2018 Favourite Plant interview – Paddy Moloney
The Irish Garden, September 2018 Favourite Plant interview – Phil Cawley
The Irish Garden, August 2018 Favourite Plant interview – Nathan Carter
The Irish Garden, July 2018 Favourite Plant interview – Sallyanne Clarke
The Irish Garden, May 2018 Favourite Plant interview – Finbar Furey
The Irish Garden, May 2018 Favourite Plant interview – Rosemary Smith
The Irish Garden, March 2018 Favourite Plant interview – Jo Kerrigan
The Irish Garden, January/February 2018 Favourite Plant interview – Mick O’Shea
The Irish Garden, December 2017 Favourite Plant interview – Brendan Graham
The Irish Garden, October/November 2017 Favourite Plant interview – Veronica Dunne
The Irish Garden, September 2017 Favourite Plant interview – Aisling O’Loughlin
The Irish Garden, August 2017 Favourite Plant interview – Helen Steele
The Irish Garden, July 2017 Favourite Plant interview – Stephen Flynn of The Happy Pear
The Irish Garden, May 2017 Favourite Plant interview – Norah Casey
 The Irish Garden, April 2017 Favourite Plant interview – Patrick Bergin
The Irish Garden, March 2017 Favourite Plant interview – Andrea Hayes
The Irish Garden, January/February 2017 Favourite Plant interview – Kevin Dundon
The Irish Garden, December 2016 Favourite Plant interview – Caroline Casey
The Irish Garden, October/November 2016 Favourite Plant interview – Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin
The Irish Garden, September 2016 Garden visits on the Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland’s Ancient East
Favourite Plant interview – Cathy Kelly
The Irish Garden, August 2016 Favourite Plant interview – Deirdre O’Kane
The Irish Garden, July 2016 Favourite Plant interview – Lord Rosse
The Irish Garden, May 2016 Favourite Plant interview – Brent Pope
The Irish Garden, April 2016 Favourite Plant interview – Mary McEvoy
The Irish Garden, March 2016 Favourite Plant interview – Mary Kennedy
The Irish Garden, January/February 2016 Favourite Plant interview – Alice Taylor
The Irish Garden, December 2015 Favourite Plant interview – Paddy Cole
The Irish Garden, October 2015 Favourite Plant interview – Muriel Bolger
The Irish Garden, September 2015 Favourite Plant interview – Dickie Rock
The Irish Garden, August 2015 Favourite Plant interview – Francis Brennan
The Irish Garden, July 2015 Favourite Plant interview – John Lonergan
The Irish Garden, June 2015 Favourite Plant interview – Sonia O’Sullivan
The Irish Garden, May 2015 Favourite Plant interview – John F Deane (poet)
The Irish Garden, April 2015 Favourite Plant interview – Cathy Belton (actress)
The Irish Garden, March 2015 Favourite Plant interview – Bobby Kerr
The Irish Garden, Jan/Feb 2015 Favourite Plant interview – Dr Pat Wallace
The Irish Garden, October/November 2014 Favourite Plant interview – Domini Kemp
The Irish Garden, August 2014 Favourite Plant interview – Philomena Lynott
The Irish Garden, July 2014 Favourite Plant interview – Emily O’Reilly (European Ombudsman)
The Irish Garden, June 2014 Favourite Plant interview – Rachel Allen
The Irish Garden, May 2014 Favourite Plant interview – Evelyn Cusack
The Irish Garden, April 2014 Favourite Plant interview – Sybil Mulcahy
The Irish Garden, March 2014 Favourite Plant interview – Eamon Dunphy
The Irish Garden, January/February 2014 Favourite Plant interview – Linda Martin
The Irish Garden, December 2013 Favourite Plant interview – Marisa Mackle
The Irish Garden, October/November 2013 Favourite Plant interview – Damian Foxall
The Irish Garden, September 2013 Favourite Plant interview – Donal Skehan
The Irish Garden, August 2013 Favourite Plant interview – John Treacy
The Irish Garden, July 2013 Favourite Plant interview – Ronan Tynan
The Irish Garden, June 2013 Favourite Plant interview – John Banville
The Irish Garden, May 2013 Favourite Plant interview – Michael Ryan
The Irish Garden, April 2013 Favourite Plant interview – Tracy Piggott
The Irish Garden, March 2013 Favourite Plant interview – Mary Robinson
The Irish Garden, December 2012 Favourite Plant interview – Mary Byrne
The Irish Garden, October/November 2012 Favourite Plant interview – Eleanor McEvoy
The Irish Garden, September 2012 Favourite Plant interview – John Kavanagh
The Irish Garden, August 2012 Favourite Plant interview – Bernard Farrell
The Irish Garden, July 2012 Favourite Plant interview – Dervla Murphy
The Irish Garden, June 2012 Favourite Plant interview – Jean Butler
The Irish Garden, May 2012 Favourite Plant interview – Eamonn Coghlan
The Irish Garden, April 2012 Favourite Plant interview – Sharon Shannon
The Irish Garden, March 2012 Favourite Plant interview – Alan Cantwell
The Irish Garden, January/February 2012 Favourite Plant interview – Orla Kiely
The Irish Garden, December 2011 Favourite Plant interview – Mary Black
The Irish Garden, October/November 2011 Favourite Plant interview – Sharon Corr
The Irish Garden, September 2011 Favourite Plant interview – Neven Maguire
The Irish Garden, August 2011 Favourite Plant interview – Sean McGinley
The Irish Garden, July 2011 Favourite Plant interview – Celia Holman Lee
The Irish Garden, June 2011 Favourite Plant interview – Trish Taylor
The Irish Garden, May 2011 Favourite Plant interview – Phil Coulter
The Irish Garden, April 2011 Favourite Plant interview – Darina Allen
The Irish Garden, March 2011 Favourite Plant interview – Maureen O’Hara
The Irish Garden, January/February 2011 Favourite Plant interview – Adi Roche
The Irish Garden, October/November 2010 Favourite Plant interview – Daniel O’Donnell
Short breaks for autumn feature
The Irish Garden, September 2010 Favourite Plant interview – Dana
The Irish Garden, August 2010 Favourite Plant interview – Henry Mount Charles
The Irish Garden, July 2010 Favourite Plant interview – Paul Rankin
The Irish Garden, June 2010 Favourite Plant interview – Vincent Browne
The Irish Garden, May 2010 Favourite Plant interview – Anne Enright
The Irish Garden, April 2010 Favourite Plant interview – Sister Stanislaus Kennedy
The Irish Garden, March 2010 Favourite Plant interview – Miriam O’Callaghan
The Irish Garden, January /February 2010 Favourite Plant interview – John O’Shea
The Irish Garden, December 2009 Favourite Plant interview – Paul Costelloe
The Irish Garden, October/November 2009 Favourite Plant interview – Marty Whelan
The Irish Garden, September 2009 Favourite Plant interview – Finghin Collins
The Irish Garden, August 2009 Favourite Plant interview – Joe Duffy
The Irish Garden, July 2009 Favourite Plant interview – David Kelly
The Irish Garden, June 2009 Favourite Plant interview – Keith Barry
The Irish Garden, May 2009 Favourite Plant interview – Paraic Breathnach
The Irish Garden, April 2009 Favourite Plant interview – Moya Brennan
The Irish Garden, March 2009 Favourite Plant interview – Lainey Keogh
The Irish Garden, January/February 2009 Favourite Plant interview – Eileen Dunne
The Irish Garden, December 2008 Favourite Plant interview – Desmond FitzGerald, Knight of Glin
The Irish Garden, September 2008 Favourite Plant interview – Pat Falvey
The Irish Garden, August 2008 Favourite Plant interview – James Galway
The Irish Garden, July 2008 Favourite Plant interview – Duncan Stewart
The Irish Garden, June 2008 Favourite Plant interview – Liam Ó Maonla
The Irish Garden, May 2008 Favourite Plant interview – Ken Doherty
The Irish Garden, March 2008 Favourite Plant interview – Monica Loughman
The Irish Garden, January/February 2008 Favourite Plant interview – June Rodgers
The Irish Garden, December 2007 Favourite Plant interview – Éamon de Buitléar
The Irish Garden, October/November 2007 Favourite Plant interview – Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh
The Irish Garden, August 2007, Volume 16, No 7 Favourite Plant interview – Christy O’Connor Jnr
The Irish Garden, July 2007, Volume 16 No 6 Favourite Plant interview – Graham Knuttel
The Irish Garden, June, 2007, Volume 16 No 5 Favourite Plant interview – Marian Finucane
The Irish Garden, May 2007, Volume 16 No 4 Favourite Plant interview – Pat Shortt
The Irish Garden, April 2007, Volume 16 No 3 Favourite Plant interview – Adèle King (Twink)
The Irish Garden, March 2007, Volume 16, No 2 Favourite Plant interview – Frank Kelly
The Irish Garden, January/February 2007, Volume 16 No 1 Favourite Plant interview – Robert Ballagh
The Irish Garden, December 2006, Volume 15 No 10 Christmas Style Essentials feature
Favourite Plant interview – Senator Feargal Quinn
The Irish Garden, October/November 2006, Volume 15 No 9 Backyard Burning feature
Favourite Plant interview – Geraldine Plunkett
The Irish Garden, September 2006, Volume 15 No 8 Favourite Plant interview – Maeve Binchy
The Irish Garden, August 2006, Volume 15 No 7 SSIA Gardeners feature
Favourite Plant interview – John O’Conor
The Irish Garden, July 2006, Volume 15 No 6 On-site with garden rooms feature
Favourite Plant interview – Máire Nic Gearailt, Lyric FM
The Irish Garden, June 2006, Vol 15 No 5 Garden Furniture feature
Favourite Plant interview – Philip Treacy
The Irish Garden, May 2006, Volume 15 No 4 Water Gardening feature
Favourite Plant interview – Ciarán Nagle, Tenor
The Irish Garden, April 2006, Volume 15 No 3 Favourite Plant interview – Senator David Norris
The Irish Garden, March 2006, Volume 15 No 2 Favourite Plant interview – Kevin Thornton, chef
The Irish Garden, January/February 2006, Volume 15 No 1 Favourite Plant interview – Derek Mooney, broadcaster
The Irish Garden, December 2005, Volume 14 No 10 Style Essentials for Christmas
The Irish Garden, October/November 2005, Volume 14 No 9 Composting feature
The Irish Garden, August 2005, Volume 14 No 7 Architectural Salvage feature
The Irish Garden, July 2005, Volume 14 No 6 Home Office and Garden Rooms feature